Roy Gilbert


I spent 35+ years working in the Fastener Industry, including B2B Sales, both inside and Sales Rep, product forecasting, domestic and overseas purchasing, importing, facility management.
For the past 4 years I have been working in IT as a Data Mining Specialist. However automation eventually nullified my position.

Although i have a long career in B2B Fastener Sales & Service, I am a marketing “greenhorn”, trying to drink from the “firehose”, while beginning this journey with TW3 through uncharted waters of the vast world of marketing concepts, tools, principles, blogging, and social media. Think I’ll take the nickname “Maverick”, as “The first time I crashed and burned… but the second time it’s looking pretty good so far.” Also I do “Feel the Need for Speed” from time to time.

I have one son, Joshua, who is 24, and works as a Python programmer.

My passion in life is my commitment to, and involvement in a faith based recovery group "Celebrate Recovery". It is a safe and secure place where Jesus Christ is our Higher Power, and where anyone with Hurts, Habits, and Hangups can find Hope, Encouragement, Community, and Healing