Roy Gilbert

Learn How to Manage Instinctive Biases In Order to Run a Successful Business

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take our world by storm, businesses are facing unpredictable and unprecedented challenges that seem to be never ending. Businesses are required to constantly pivot and adapt to new rules and regulations, causing many of them to go under. Now more than ever is a time that business owners need to capitalize on the things they can control and fight to keep their businesses alive.

I sat down with Brad Kerschensteiner and Mario Sikora to discuss what it takes to become a successful well-rounded company. Aside from his role as the President of Integrative Change, Brad serves as a leadership coach and associate at Awareness to Action International alongside Mario, the President of Awareness to Action International. Together, they have researched the connection between business planning and instinctive biases , and the importance of managing these biases rather than being impeded by them. Some key takeaways:

> Preserving: A preserver is someone who focuses on having the necessary means to survive comfortably for themselves and those they care about. Their downfall stems from the feeling of never having enough. When asked how the preserving bias relates to business, Brad and Mario said that “leaders with a preserving bias, in general, tend to be drawn to the fundamental, ‘nuts and bolts’ issues related to business and organizations. They tend to be more cautious and conservative, and more risk-averse in general.” They continued that “these tendencies can make them good leaders for organizations that need stability and […]