Roy Gilbert

How to Negotiate a Remote Work Arrangement

Summary. How exactly should you ask for a work-from-anywhere arrangement when negotiating a job offer, or when you’ve been working virtually and don’t want to return in-person to the office? The author offers five steps: 1) Demonstrate how it will benefit your…

Julia* called me with cautious excitement to let me know that she received the job offer of her dreams, as global workplace experience director at a leading consumer brand company. On one hand, she was ecstatic at reaching her goal to work for a recognized brand. Yet Julia’s reservation about the offer stemmed from the fact that it required her to relocate to the employer’s headquarters a thousand miles away. With two kids in elementary school, she didn’t want to move, but she also didn’t want to lose this opportunity. She needed to know how to negotiate the relocation issue.

Julia is far from alone in seeking a “work-from-anywhere” setup, particularly as the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the things workers value most in employment. According to a survey conducted by Morning Consult, 87% of respondents want the flexibility to continue some form of remote work, 33% of workers don’t want to work for an employer that requires them to be onsite full-time, and almost 50% will consider leaving a role without access to partial virtual work. The new work-life integration is having a significant impact on the future of the workplace. Not only do many employees prefer a hybrid schedule, but a recent survey from Harvard Business School Online […]

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