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How to Add Expires Headers in WordPress (2 Methods)

Do you want to learn how to add expires headers in WordPress?

Expires headers are rules that let web browsers know whether to load a web page resource like images from the visitor’s browser cache or from your server. These can help improve the performance of your site.

In this article, we’ll show you two ways to add expires headers in WordPress. How Are Expires Headers Used in WordPress?

The first time someone visits a web page on your WordPress site , all of the files are loaded one by one. All of these requests between the browser and your WordPress hosting server increase the web page loading time.

Browser caching stores some or all of those files on the visitor’s computer. That means that the next time they visit the page, the files can be loaded from their own computer, boosting your WordPress performance .

Now you might be wondering, how do the browsers know which files to save, and how long to keep them?

That’s where expires headers come in.The rules about which files to save and how long to save them are set using either expires headers or cache-control headers . In this article, we’ll focus on expires headers because they’re simpler to set up for most users.Expires headers set an expiration date for each type of file stored in the browser cache. After that date, the files will be reloaded from your server to give visitors the most recent version of the page.We’ll show you how to add expires […]

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