Roy Gilbert

How Can You Be Sure Someone Has What It Takes to Lead Others? Look for 6 Key Behaviors

Leadership is certainly not for everyone . For those in the esteemed role of a “leader,” a serious question needs to be asked: Are you fit to inspire human beings to be great and do great things for your organization?

Whether you’re a line manager on the floor or an executive in the C-suite, you have to eventually accept, in your heart-of-hearts, the fact that the majority of the leadership decisions you will make will involve people.

And since people are an organization’s most appreciable asset (as the cliche goes), it becomes even more apparent that a leader’s most important asset is to develop people skills (i.e., soft skills). Soft skills leaders need to develop

Today’s CEOs and HR execs understand that their organizations cannot retain highly engaged, high-performing employees without developing leaders to manage, coach, develop, and inspire loyal teams.

One big reason leadership remains a challenge is due to companies not identifying and developing young, potential talent early in their careers to accelerate up the leadership ranks to meet the complex human needs of today’s workers.

This leads to an important question: Are companies ready for the emerging new leaders who are needed today?

The research conducted by our partners found that leaders in high-performing organizations display six characteristics that we now teach in our From Boss to Leader online course. 1. Display authenticity Authenticity has been found to be a significant factor in engaging workers and managing conflict. However, too many leaders show passive-aggressive tendencies like creating distance or stone-walling to […]