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How a 25-year-old quit his engineering job to be a financial blogger and built a $169,000 portfolio

Dominik Wenzelburger runs the financial blog Dominik Wenzelburger Dominik Wenzelburger quit his job as an engineer to become a self-employed financial blogger.

Wenzelburger uses his blog to evaluate financial products. He earns around $70,900 per year.

He started his blog after his bank asked to talk to him about investing and he chose to go it alone.

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Dominik Wenzelburger is still grateful to his savings bank today but not for the reason you might expect.During his studies and work placement in industrial engineering, Wenzelburger earned around $1,500 gross per month. He was still living at home at the time and was able to save a few thousand euros.He had nothing to do with shares and the stock market at that stage, his savings bank called him and invited him in for a chat to introduce their products.”Typical savings bank funds with high running costs,” Wenzelburger told Insider. “I then decided to do a deep dive into the topic to see whether it would work for me.”His decision was sobering for the savings bank — he didn’t like their products and decided to invest on his own. In May 2017, he invested a few thousand euros in the well-known ETF MSCI World for the first […]

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