Roy Gilbert

Entrepreneurial barber takes his business outside

As the title states, I finally launched my startup. It’s been a crazy year of a lot of procrastination, and putting it off but it’s finally here. I’ve had many ideas over the year, and one I was sitting on for quite some time.

I ended up putting that start up to rest as I didn’t have the knowledge or capability to continue it. It was hard but for the best.

All of sudden with this startup, we went from idea to MVP in less than a week. For anyone interested, it’s called Over Easy News . Business news made over easy with a side of knowledge. It’s a newsletter that drops 3x a week that delivers easy to read business news all while teaching about business. We also post the latest business news with education to our site.

I came up with the idea literally a week before launch. I brought it to my wife and asked her what do you like more news or education? She choose education and I responded, “ehhhh… I like news better.” Sure enough later that night at work it hit me, “why don’t I just do both!” And so that’s what I did.

I quickly builded the site couple days later and got it up and running. Articles are being written almost everyday now by me and its going great. We launched on product hunt and did ok. Better than I expected and are I’m just happy to have launched!

My one advice to everyone is if […]

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