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America’s largest retailer will cover 100% of college tuition for its workers

Here’s a list of the participating schools:

So make of that what you will…

college tuition and book costs at some schools for its US workers, the latest effort by the largest private employer in the country to sweeten its benefits as it seeks to attract and retain talent in a tight job market.

“The program includes 10 academic partners ranging from the University of Arizona to Southern New Hampshire University. Participants must remain part-time or full-time employees at Walmart to be eligible.”

The actual question is how many people will actually be eligible, or get this deal. It’s great PR, but I’d like to see what stipulations and restrictions apply to this, as well as seeing who/how many employees they actually grant this to. Of course the intention is to get employees educated in return for them improving/working for the company longer, with higher skills. Nothing wrong with that specifically, many companies cover college/certifications/training in return for working under contract for a certain amount of time.

That being said, how many people that are actually granted this tuition/education will be extremely telling. Technically, they could put 3 people through school a year, and this article would still be technically correct.

To anyone calling all the locations diploma mills, has not bothered to look into the schools they have no first hand knowledge of. University of Denver has a law school, a seminary, a fine arts program, and multiple National hockey championships against state schools like Minnesota and Boston. An old friend of mine was […]

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