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‘We have to support our girls’: Serena Williams talks her new Olympics ad and how young girls are dropping out of sports at an unprecedented rate

Serena Williams has won 39 grand-slam titles and four Olympic gold medals. William West/Getty Serena Williams is starring in a new Secret deodorant commercial airing during the Olympic Games.

The commercial draws attention to the high rates of young women dropping out of sports.

Williams told Insider she wants more young women to have the same opportunity she did.

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Serena Williams is a boss on and off the tennis court — a veritable athletic powerhouse and an investor in companies boasting a combined market cap of $14 billion. But beyond success, tennis has taught Williams the virtues of fully committing to a craft.”It taught me the power of discipline,” Williams told Insider. “It also taught me dedication.”But as more young women drop out of sports at an unprecedented pace, many young women athletes may not get the same life lessons and opportunities. Research by the Women’s Sports Foundation and research by the nonprofit Canadian Women & Sport found that young women drop out of sports at about twice the rate of young men. A big part of the problem is the lack of airtime and media coverage around women’s and girls’ sports.To draw attention to the issue, Williams is partnering with the deodorant company Secret […]