Roy Gilbert

CDC: Drug-resistant fungus spreading in two U.S. cities

There’s a lot of diseases that spread everyday, but they don’t talk about cures or vaccines because it goes against religion (which is ironic cause God’s miracles will cure people but real cures are considered Satanic).

Here’s the magic loop for example: People who are immunocompromised can’t get vaccinated. but the cure for them is stem cell . Same thing goes for bone marrow cancer and list goes on.

Stem cell is frowned upon but it works. that’s the point. So it’s like you find something great, it gets cut. Now imagine if they did that everything, cancer, diabetes, etc etc. We’d have an average life span of 30 years like the prehistoric times.

Some …but not all, in the religious community will label something they don’t understand or consider evil with Satan.

Devil’s lettuce – think means marijuana but funny how opiates kills more people but never given some Satanic name.

Anyways, alot of talk about vaccines, disease, but the bottom line is you can’t just solve 1 problem by relegating other ones. Science has to work all together.

LOL, like you can’t take an aspirin to cure a brain tumor and then pray that your headache goes away and tell them they aren’t allowed to operate on your brain because it violates your belief. Science is a little bigger than that on how it evolved from people digging up dead corpse to see how the human anatomy works.Imagine if religion had some rule where humans were never allowed to be cut open for […]

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