Roy Gilbert

12-year-old girl killed in North Carolina drive-by shooting while sitting at picnic table

Great documentary series about the history of the current Chicago gang wars. It digs really deep into long running beefs, and the attitudes of the gang bangers involved. It also points you towards the diss music videos, and taunting social media post of the gang bangers make about each other, after which they often get killed within a matter of days. And this series only covers one city.

On one hand, you could argue a large percentage of them love the “adventurous” life of a gangster. On the other, quite a few times the gang bangers flat out tell non-gang bangers that they can’t be neutral, you are either with them, or against them, and basically threaten the neighborhood kids who refuse to take up arms.

I don’t think it’s like that. If it were mostly poverty, you would see the same social pathologies in the barrio, reservation, Chinatown, and the trailer park as you do in the ghetto. Poverty is definitely a factor, but not the main one.

Yet my understanding is that reservations and barrios are somewhat less violent than ghettos, trailer parks are less violent still, and Chinatowns are the least violent low-income communities.

Violence has more to do with age, gender, and family structure than anything else. In every single culture on earth, young men commit more crime than women or old men. A lot of crime is a combination of bad upbringing, psychopathy, and high testosterone levels. Bad upbringings include poverty, but they also include low parental education, […]

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