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How to Survive a Multigenerational Family Vacation

Photo: XiXinXing (Shutterstock) After spending so much time apart thanks to COVID travel restrictions, this summer’s family reunions have taken on new meaning. In some cases, families have decided to take these reunions on the road, and make it a multigenerational family vacation.

And while that may sound great in theory, when you’re crammed into an Airbnb with two actual beds that says it sleeps 12—and even though everyone said they’d be fine on the air mattress over the group planning texts, now no one’s offering to sleep on them—you may be second-guessing your life choices.

But instead of fleeing to the nearest body of water and escaping via rowboat, consider some tips that Paula Span put together for an article for the New York Times after consulting experts in family dynamics, plus a few of our own thrown in for good measure—they could help. Have a family discussion about expectations before the trip

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect vacation, but when you’re traveling with a large group of people from different generations, and with different preferences and rules, there is potential for a lot of disappointment and/or hurt feelings. So hash out your vacation goals and plans before the trip. This includes talking about chores, childcare, and money

No one (understandably) wants to be the person stuck doing all the cooking, cleaning, and childcare during a “vacation,” so be sure to work out some sort of schedule or rotation ahead of time so everyone knows who is […]

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