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Overlooked No More: ‘Skipped History’ Explores Forgotten Events

Hosted by Ben Tumin, a historical satirist, “Skipped History” makes history both accessible and funny.Credit…Ben Tumin [Race/Related is available as a newsletter. Sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox .]

“Skipped History,” a comedy web series, explores overlooked ideas, people and events that continue to shape the United States. Hosted by Ben Tumin, a historical satirist, the series makes history both accessible and funny.

“To me, the reality is that history is endlessly compelling,” Mr. Tumin said. “If you’re just looking for answers for how the society we live in became the society that it is today, and it’s such a flawed society in so many ways, that finding where things went wrong helps to reimagine how things could go right in the future.”

The first season of “ Skipped History ” was met with praise from prominent historians . Greg Grandin, a history professor and Pulitzer Prize winner, called the show “a treasure,” after an episode that explored the racially motivated reasons for America’s first major war abroad in the Philippines.

“There are statistics that students in high school and middle school typically find history to be one of the most boring subjects,” Mr. Tumin said. “And meanwhile, there are all these academics and educators doing incredible work and unearthing incredible history that we had no idea about. So the question is not, ‘Is history interesting?’ It’s about how you present it.”

I recently spoke with Mr. Tumin about the creation of “Skipped History,” the importance of U.S. history […]

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