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Mystery orcas spotted in Scotland found in Norway

The pod was photographed on Norway’s west coast earlier this year A “mystery” pod of killer whales spotted off the coast of Scotland three years ago has finally been found – off the west coast of Norway.

Six orcas were photographed on Norway’s west coast earlier this year but had a colouration on their backs unlike other animals in the area.

After consulting Scottish records, the Norwegian Orca Survey matched three of them to a Vatersay sighting in 2018.

Experts have said that a three-year “enigma” had now been solved.

Photographs of the killer whales in Børøyfjorden were brought to the Norwegian Orca Survey by “citizen scientist” Asmund Aasheim.

Founder of the group, Dr Eve Jourdain, realised that the pod was not familiar from Norwegian records.

The back colouration – known as a saddle patch – pointed her to records further afield. The orcas were identified by a colouration on their backs – calls a saddle patch On 10 July she found a match in the Scottish Killer Whale Catalogue – a key research document containing the best available images of all known living orcas seen in Scottish waters. ‘Killer whales attacked my yacht for 45 minutes’ Islanders help rescue orca stranded on Orkney beach She said: “I had a strong feeling that I would find them there. It was incredible to find this first photographic match between Norway and Scotland.”From the moment I first took a look at Asmud’s photos, I knew these killer whales were ‘different’ from our Norwegian killer […]

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