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Can I Learn to Skateboard In a Month?

Photo: Jordan Calhoun When I committed to skateboarding in June , I had ambitions for it to last longer than my one-month Lifehacker Fitness Challenge . I mostly kept my goals to myself, though, as not to jinx my probability of getting through the month successfully. Even so, comments came in from older skaters sharing their experiences with learning or getting back into it, most of which were trying to help me define “success” in the first place.

For me, success would mean one concrete goal of learning a new trick, and one abstract goal of having fun, learning to love skating whether I’m landing tricks or not. How many skateboarding tricks can you learn in a month?

I spoke with Yuri Cruz , author of Kickflips and Chill: Your Inspirational Guide to Becoming an Excellent Skater , to get a better idea of what makes for a reasonable set of goals. I had already learned to ollie thanks to a few rogue skaters who took pity on my efforts and offered the advice to practice while holding a fence. It was the most useful skateboarding advice I had found, and I learned to land some modest, stationary ollies quickly, and graduated from the fence in about a week.

“As a beginner, I found that shuv-its were a good go-to, then pop shuv-its,” Yuri said. “Just spending time on your board and doing things besides flip tricks can be really fun and helps to build board control and confidence.” Much of […]

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