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Alabama local GOP politician called a Black colleague the N-word, prompting calls to resign

A still from a Tarrant City Council meeting showing councilman Tommy Bryant Tarrant City Council/Facebook A council member in Tarrant, Alabama, faces calls to quit after using the N-word at a meeting.

Tommy Bryant used the term “house [N-word]” to indicate a Black fellow councillor.

Bryant said he was only repeating what the mayor, a Black man, had said about her.

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A GOP Alabama council member has caused outrage by using the N-word in a public debate to refer to one of his Black colleagues.Democrats called for the resignation of Tarrant City councilman John Bryant — who goes by “Tommy” Bryant — after he used the slur at a Monday council meeting . Local Republicans also condemned Bryant for what they called a “racially charged outburst.”Bryant made the comment as part of a discussion raised by members of the public about Facebook posts by Bryant’s wife.When a member of the public said that she had used the N-word, Bryant said: “Let’s get to the N-word,” which he referred to indirectly at first. He then used the word, saying “Do we have a house [N-word] in here?””Do we? Do we? ” he continued, appearing to indicate a Black colleague, Veronica Freeman. “Would she please stand […]

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