Roy Gilbert

Why You Should Invest in Diversity & Inclusion Before a Series A

For many, Juneteenth receiving unanimous support from the U.S. Senate to become a federal holiday in the U.S. feels like mission accomplished. For others, it’s a sign of how much more work remains. More than a year after George Floyd’s murder, it’s becoming more clear which leaders heeded last summer’s call for change and which have not.

As a Black entrepreneur based in Texas, I look for signs of progress everywhere I can find it, especially in Corporate America where racial bias has limited the opportunities of people like me for generations. Far from witnessing, alone, I too have tried to shepherd in some of the progress, including serving as chair of Austin PBS’ board committee focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, and as an advisory board member for Peoplism, a diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm focused on helping growth-stage startups and industry-disrupting organizations create long-term impact.

Hearing about one Minneapolis-based startup and Peoplism client, Rae Wellness, gave me a genuine boost of confidence that those business leaders willing to do the work today will be industry leaders in a fast-approaching tomorrow.

“In June 2020, we had just over a dozen employees, but we didn’t want to make excuses for work we needed to do internally, particularly as a startup based in Minneapolis,” said Rae Wellness co-founder and CEO Angie Tebbe, a former Target executive. “Our mission is centered on well-being, so part of that meant us truly learning how to strategically focus on diversity, equity and inclusion to foster well-being […]