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Want a Lasting Marriage? Follow These 3 Rules, Say Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary last week, the longest marriage of any American president. At 96 and 93, respectively, they’re still very much in love, and they offered some great advice for the rest of us who want our unions to truly last a lifetime. 1. Make the other person your partner in everything you do.

This may be tough advice to follow if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner accustomed to relying on yourself and making your own decisions. But, the Carters would tell you, if you want to be in a true partnership with another person, that means sharing everything. Including your career choices, which will inevitably affect your partner or spouse.

Jimmy told the New York Times that one of his biggest regrets was that early in their marriage, he made big decisions without consulting Rosalynn. For example, after his father died, he decided to leave the Navy and return to their hometown of Plains, Georgia, and take over the family peanut business. That infuriated her because, as a wife and mother in the early 1950s, she’d enjoyed the independence of living far away from her mother and mother-in-law. Returning to Plains, “I was going to have to come back to them,” she said. Later, Jimmy learned to include her in everything, including his campaign plans and even cabinet meetings. 2. Never go to bed angry.

The Carters say following this rule is one big secret to a happy marriage. Although my […]

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