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I would love to run your google ads for free or help you come up with a plan to get you more sales or leads.

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but do you/did you ever feel bad asking for the sale? It seems to be a chronic disease in new entrepreneurs. We’re bombarded by ads on TV and in bathroom stalls, so when we’re asked to hock our own wares, our subconscious tells us we’re pestering.

But sales need not resemble a 1980s infomercial—“Act now and we’ll send you a second Ginsu Knife for 9.99!” Slap Chop that approach to the curb.

This article explains that the human approach to sales is this: Trust = credibility + reliability + integrity, all over self-interest.

We get asked this a lot by our early-stage founders, so I thought of posting this here.

I will preface that sometimes, an Angel is your only option (especially if you’re at an MVP stage). Some others, VCs are a no-brainer.

An Angel Investor is an individual who is putting his personal money into your startup. Venture Capital is done by professional investment groups who are not necessarily using their own money.

Put it simple, an Angel Investor is person who has a lot money sitting around and is looking for something to do with it. Angel Investors are more likely to get involved at the very start of a project that they find interesting. Their evaluation process can be as varied and different as the individuals themselves.Many “Angels” are retired professionals who are looking for a project that appeals to them that they can involve themselves with. They generally provide seed capital for startups […]

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