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Scott Omelianuk on Navigating Your Career and Finding Your Brand Purpose

Being at the tip of the spear for millions of thriving — and struggling — business professionals, navigating their way across the rough seas of running a business and entrepreneurship is a huge responsibility. This is just a glimpse into a day in the life with Inc. Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Scott Omelianuk.

Omelianuk might make the job look effortless–and of course credits his talented team– but the truth is his EIC role is not a career he ever thought he wanted. At the time that he was approached by Inc., Omelianuk had been working in media for twenty years. He’d been working in TV and sold a brand to private equity (This Old House Ventures) and was ready to start a new chapter in life. He went on to teach at a business school and wanted to be a consultant despite the reality of realizing that the companies he most wanted to consult for couldn’t pay enough for it to be a viable full-time career.

At the same time, he had written a piece about brand purpose for Fast Company (Inc.’s sister publication) and the CEO of Inc. read the story, did a bit of research on Scott’s background and thought he’d be a perfect fit for the Editor in Chief vacancy they had.

While Omelianuk thought he was done working in media, he says that learning about the audience he’d be creating content for was a game changer for him.

“For me, the thing that changed my mind about returning to […]

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