Roy Gilbert

A Successful Business Owner Inspiring Story

Obviously to learn entrepreneurialism you need to just start, but how can you start when there is so much to learn?

Entrepreneurialism seems like the ongoing education that will never stop, which isn’t a bad thing, but the question is when should you start?

It feels irresponsible to just start without experience under my belt and yet I need to start something to get some experience under my belt.

I keep falling into the trap of reading more and more and the last thing I want to do is become a wantrepreneur.

My question is this. To those of you that are succesful entrepreneurs, have you ever felt like you’ve learned enough, or will you always feel like you are lagging behind where you are in terms of knowledge and experience?

Hello all,I’m 34 and have been working for the federal government for 12+ years as a federal law enforcement officer. I am eligible to retire at 45 years old, or I can stay until I’m 57. I have plenty of opportunities to move up the ranks in my Field Office which I have been putting in for, not for the money but to make positive change.Honestly, I’m not sure I have it in me anymore to do this for another 11 years. This used to be fun and rewarding – but now its downright exhausting due to the mission and poor leadership/subordinates.My wife thinks I’m crazy, but my goal is to double my salary and leave the job/benefits/”security” and work for myself.Currently, […]

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