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‘I Pray Love Finds You’: Christian Actress Responds to Wendy Williams’ Criticism of Her Marriage by Praying for Her

Christian actress and social media influencer Tabitha Brown, 42, has offered her prayers to media personality Wendy Williams, who recently criticized Brown’s marriage on national television.

According to The Christian Post , Williams had responded to Brown, who revealed that she had finally achieved success in the entertainment industry allowing room for her husband of nearly 20 years, Chance Brown, to retire from his job as an LAPD police officer. The actress also cited her husband as the motivation behind her desire to succeed.

When the couple moved to Los Angeles to pursue Brown’s dream, neither of them had a job. Once Chance became a police officer, however, he told his wife that with his income, she would be able to pursue her dreams without worrying about money.

“We wouldn’t have to worry about one income being shaky. You would always be able to pursue your dream without having to have a real steady career outside of acting,'” Brown recalled her husband telling her.

While it took 15 years to reach success in the entertainment industry, Brown told her 3.7 million social media followers that she is thankful that her dream is now a reality.

On the July 1st broadcast of the Wendy Williams Show , Williams criticized Brown’s marriage during the hot topic segment of her show.

“Nope. I was married to one of those. I make the money and so and so forth. Go live your dreams, buy a business, stay with me but go, go, go. See how that turned out. I […]

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