Roy Gilbert

‘Taking America Back for God’: Evangelist Nick Vujicic Co-Founds ProLife Bank to Fight Back against Abortion

Australian American Evangelist and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic has co-founded a pro-life bank after realizing that many major banks in the U.S. support abortion clinics.

“Most banks — 90%, in fact — give philanthropically toward abortion,” Vujicic told The Christian Post , adding that a substantial amount of “God’s money” has been used to conduct abortions.

In response to this discovery, Vujicic has collaborated with Betsy Gray, his “spiritual mother” – the executive director of Network Medical Women’s Center, a primary care medical clinic in Santa Barbara, California – to found ProLife Bank .

He explained that Prolife will be a “for-giving” bank instead of a for-profit bank, noting that 50 percent of the bank’s net profits will be donated to “Judeo-Christian-aligned-nonprofit organizations to further the Kingdom of God.”

Likening the effort to the biblical story of Noah’s ark, Vujicic asserted that the new bank will save lives.”

“It’s based on the understanding that God wants to take back His role and redistribute it through His faithful students,” he added.

Vujicic, 38, was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs. Yet his disability did not prevent him from making something of his life. Vujicic began trading options and stocks as a teenager, and at just 19 years old, Vujcic bought his first house as an investment. He later graduated from college at 21 with a Bachelor of Commerce, completing the degrees for both financial planning and investments and accounting.Vujicic currently serves as the founder and CEO of […]