Roy Gilbert

Rosen: Work from home or office? Answer is not one-size-fits-all

Special to Nashville Tennessean, USA TODAY NETWORK newsrooms in Tennessee

There is a post-pandemic debate brewing in companies large and small across the country, and both sides have dug in.

After 15 months of an unplanned forced experiment in remote work, many businesses are re-opening their offices and are now faced with an important decision: Should employees still be allowed to work from home?

There are strong opinions on both sides.

As we all made our way through the pandemic, some companies saw increased productivity and improved morale as workers saved commute time and gained more flexibility by working at home. Others, however, saw a measurable drop in productivity and a decrease in morale with employees feeling more isolated and distracted while stuck at home every day.

For most, remote work has been a mixed bag. Some employees thrived while others struggled—there was no clear winner. What to do next is a tough call.

The first office our computer consulting company occupied was a converted storage closet in an old building that smelled of Windex and floor wax. Despite it being only one room, it was an accomplishment to have a real business address instead of just a post office box. Upon signing the lease, our tiny consulting firm was now big time (only in our own minds) with three small desks and our company name hanging on the door.Soon after moving in, we hired a great software developer who lived in White House, Tennessee. Commuting to Nashville each day, he would fight an hour’s […]