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Ed Miliband: I’m still recovering from time as Labour leader

Ed Miliband: I’ve never regretted leading Labour Ed Miliband has said he is still “recovering” from his time as Labour leader, more than six years after standing down.

He told the BBC’s Political Thinking podcast leading the party to defeat at the 2015 election had been “gut wrenching”.

“Frankly, your confidence gets shattered by losing,” he told host Nick Robinson.

And he said the party’s defeat was “in may ways” a personal rejection of him.

“More people wanted David Cameron to be prime minister than me, and I’ve got to accept that,” he added. Starmer faces challenges over patriotism call

Ed Miliband returns to Labour top team

Mr Miliband, who led Labour between 2010 and 2015, has since April 2020 served as shadow business secretary under current leader Sir Keir Starmer. An error has occurred Access the world through your BBC Account. Register He said his decision to return to the shadow cabinet had been “really hard,” adding: “the last experience of the front line was quite traumatic.”Asked whether he had recovered from his time as leader or was still recovering, he replied: “definitely recovering”.He added that being Labour leader had been “all consuming, and then it wasn’t there any more”.He told Nick Robinson early polling data on election night 2015 “looked quite good” but turned out to be wrong, which made the party’s eventual defeat even harder to take.”You think you’re going to be having the conversation with Barack Obama the next day, and then you’re grateful for a […]

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