Roy Gilbert

20+ Work From Home Memes And Jokes To Spice Up That Slack Group Chat

If you’re lucky, a global pandemic has meant you shifted to working from home quite literally overnight back in March 2020 and for all intents and purposes have had a seamless transition. While lauded essential workers and first responders have continued to go into work throughout quarantine, most of us are still in our comfiest loungewear and leggings , sitting braless at the dining room table, logging in to yet another video work call nearly two years after the outbreak. Nobody was prepared for entire industries to shift to remote work, but we have learned a thing or two from the experience. First, employees are just as, if not more, productive from home as they are at the office — especially now that remote learning is waning and kids are back in school. Second, our hunch was right: There were way too many meetings that could have just been emails or Slack chats. (Just think of how many useless meetings Michael Scott called on The Office !) And finally, humor can get us through difficult times, and true friendships — even if it’s just with a work bae — can thrive over chat and group texts! If sending work-from-home memes and jokes is your love language, you’ve come to the right place.

But before we get into the humor bit, here are some important work from home statistics from the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago you can also share with friends: 10,000 employees surveyed said […]

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