Roy Gilbert

Will Canadians ditch the office? Many want to keep working at home after the pandemic

WATCH ABOVE: More than three million Canadians have set up work in their living rooms and kitchens, temporarily working from home during the pandemic. But as restrictions ease, companies are contemplating how and if workers will return. Kendra Slugoski reports. Jay Summach has been working from his Edmonton, Alta., home since March 2020. His company, a digital agency called Yellow Pencil, put out the call for at-home work about a week before the province shut down.

“I’ve been 100 per cent from home since then,” said Summach, an account manager, while sitting at a laptop in his backyard.

It’s not the working from home that has bothered Summach, but rather the evenings in lockdown and not being able to visit friends.

“The working from home has been wonderful for me. I’m in a house where I’ve got space,” said Summach, who brought home furniture from work to make the transition more comfortable.

“Working from home has not meant working in isolation for me.”

On May 31, 2021, the lease on his company’s office was up — his bosses had already been looking at the possibility of finding more flexible space. Summach said the pandemic accelerated those conversations and showed that staff could manage their tasks without a designated building.

The company gave up its downtown office space.Co-working and office-share sites will allow employees to meet when necessary.That hybrid work model is something many Canadians want as health restrictions ease and more worksites open up.In a recent Leger poll , in partnership with the Association for […]