Roy Gilbert

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Game-Changer for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing

When the pandemic first hit, businesses of all sizes scrambled to figure out how to both attract new customers in a virtual environment and create a digital shopping experience to meet their evolving expectations . Small businesses needed to understand who their target customers were and how the pandemic was affecting their behavior . This can be an extremely time-consuming and manual process for those without advanced marketing knowledge, or tools like automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to aid their analysis and decision-making.

As pandemic-related challenges extend into a second year, the need to engage and retain customers remains vital for business leaders. However, small businesses are no longer at a disadvantage relative to their big-box competitors when it comes to activating on this charge. The barriers to using automation and AI have come down significantly in recent years, making it easier for them to efficiently understand what their customer wants, predict purchasing interests and make decisions grounded in data.

How, exactly can this technology help a small business market itself? There are a variety of benefits, from selling more online to finding new operational efficiencies that save time. Make existing marketing campaigns more efficient

Email marketing is a tried-and-true way for small businesses to engage with customers online, and automation can help take things to the next level. Automating manual tasks, like sending product replenishment emails to customers or segmenting a list of subscribers, are ways you can gain back valuable time in your day.

These automation emails are easy to […]