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Companies could invite a ‘minefield’ of lawsuits if they let employees choose how often they work remotely, economist says

Tom Werner/Getty Images Hybrid work could eventually result in lawsuits, Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom told Bloomberg.

Single men could return to the office full-time while working mothers may work from home some days.

It could result in a difference in promotion rates and a “legal minefield” for companies, he said.

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The future of work could bring about new challenges for employers and employees alike — including, one leading economist says, legal issues.

In a new interview with Bloomberg’s Olivia Rockeman , Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford University economist who’s an expert on remote work, shared his findings from a year-long survey of US companies and their employees.

Bloom found that most workers are planning for a hybrid model of working: commuting into the office a few days per week and working from home the rest of the time. The continuation of remote work post-pandemic is already impacting where people live — the suburbs vs. urban centers — and how productive they can be, he said.But Bloom said he’s worried there could be negative long-term effects of this new reality.”Who would choose to work from home more days post-pandemic is not random,” he told Bloomberg. “For people with children under the age of 12, you find almost 50% more women than men choose to work from home five days a week.”If you let employees decide how much they come into the office, he argued, young, single men will come into the office every day while […]

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