Roy Gilbert

3 Lessons We Can All Learn from AAPI Entrepreneurs

Lisa Ling is a journalist I’ve admired since her early days hosting Channel One News back in the nineties. Lately, her social media feed has highlighted the horrific attacks on AAPI small business owners. This demographic of individuals provides an incredible benefit to our economy and daily lives but has lived in fear at the hand of racism and misinformation.

In response, my company Hello Alice has spent Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month listening to the stories of AAPI small business owners far and wide. We know by now that every small business has struggled over the last year — you can learn about the challenges of LGBTQ+ , Hispanic , veteran , Black , and woman entrepreneurs throughout the pandemic and their bright futures still ahead. But the challenges of AAPI are unique, and I think that we can all benefit from a closer look at how they’ve navigated the last year.

Our team has gathered numbers and testimonials to help us grasp who AAPI owners are and what challenges they face. In partnership with ACE NextGen , Welcome to Chinatown , the Global Entrepreneurship Network , and Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) , this latest impact report analyzes data from more than 17,000 AAPI small business owners. Jillian Fortin, a Hello Alice product manager, also moderated a town hall featuring Courtney Pong of ACE NextGen, Vic Lee of Welcome to Chinatown, Kham S. Moua of SEARAC, and Alvin Shen of Best Coast Burritos that served […]

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