Roy Gilbert

Microsoft just revealed the future of work. There’s one big problem

Where is everyone? Screenshot by ZDNet There’s a simple word to describe the relationship between companies and the future of work.

It’s complicated.

Which video conferencing platform is right for your business? We’ve gathered details about 10 leading services.

This is one theme that instantly emerges from Microsoft’s new treatise on what it’s learned during the pandemic .

Released last week, Hybrid Work: A Guide For Business Leaders is a veritable shrink appointment of soul-baring and hope-inciting. As well as a veritably clear attempt at Microsoft product-selling. Simply Very Complicated.

You’d think, perhaps, that allowing employees to choose whether to work at home or not would be a simple, freeing affair. Yet, in this new hybrid model of work-life, Redmond sees little that’s simple.

Instead, in the words of CEO Satya Nadella: “Everything becomes more complex, not less complex.”I pored over the details and found some thoughtful gems.This, for example: “Develop company-wide norms to create inclusive meetings –– from configuring meeting rooms to optimize for remote participants, to encouraging onsite participants to join Microsoft Teams as soon as they enter the room, so remote participants don’t miss out on the informal banter crucial to rebuilding social capital and connection.”Banter is such an underrated element in the holding together of corporate existence. Without being able to make jokes about the company and your colleagues, without being able to gossip about, well, the company and your colleagues, employees become machine parts, there to fulfill processes. Home Office Tours ZDNet contributors welcome you inside their […]