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5 female founders on how they learned to delegate — and how it redefined their businesses

(L-R) Carolyn Bothwell, Meha Agrawal, and Rhea Wong. Dreamers & Doers/Business Insider Dreamers & Doers is a networking community of female entrepreneurs, creatives, and founders.

While some people may be hesitant to outsource important tasks, these 5 founders say having a support team is crucial.

Having a dependable team to manage certain duties can free up your time to focus on big picture business needs.

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It’s no surprise that a founder of a growing company typically works closely on each area of business — from marketing to accounting and everything in between. After all, they cultivated their company’s growth from the ground up. However, when a founder is pulled into areas they don’t necessarily need to have a hand in, they lose precious time needed to be the true visionary for their business.

One solution to this challenge is outsourcing. While some founders may be initially hesitant to pass the reins, the benefits often far outweigh the potential risk. For the following five female founders, outsourcing positively impacted their businesses and allowed them to effectively scale, operate in their zone of genius, and ultimately, succeed.

As Rhea Wong, founder of Rhea Wong Consulting put it, “By designing and planning around your own gifts and superpowers, you set yourself up for growth and sustainability.” The end results of outsourcing are exciting and limitless — one must simply take the leap and trust the process. ‘Delegating is easier when I know I have a […]