Roy Gilbert

4 Strategies to Simplify the Customer Journey

Summary. While it may be tempting to offer your customers a never-ending array of products, customizations, and information, research shows that simplicity is almost always the best option for boosting both company value and customer loyalty. But what does it take to…

The modern consumer faces hundreds — if not thousands — of choices every day. What to read. Where to shop. What to buy. And each of those decisions takes a mental toll.

And yet, marketers continue to champion more . More choice. More products. More bang for your buck. More features, information and discounts.

Investing in new technologies, products, and services that add value to the consumer isn’t a bad idea. But our research suggests that more often than not, simplification is the best strategy across the board. We conducted a comprehensive, systematic literature review that looked at hundreds of studies on customer preferences, and found that an overwhelming majority of studies reported simplicity as a top priority for consumers. For example, one survey , conducted by leading brand consultancy Siegel+Gale with over 15,000 consumers across nine countries, found that brands perceived as providing the simplest, most seamless experiences boasted both the strongest stock performance and the most loyal customers.

Of course, simplicity is easier said than done. But through our formal research, our extensive consulting work, and countless conversations with both customers and marketers, we’ve identified four interrelated steps that can help any organization deliver the smooth, simple experience today’s customers demand: 1. Identify and communicate what simplicity means to […]

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