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20 Working from Home Security Tips for 2021

Working From Home in 2021

While the pandemic shifted numerous industries and the work force associated with them, working from home will be a trend that remains for the foreseeable future. As more companies work with employees to set up a home office, the question for businesses is how does the company keep a high level of cybersecurity for employees while working from home? Until now, most company associates would report to the office to work within their designated offices. The cybersecurity protocols installed at the office would handle all security aspects for the employees.

The short answer is practicing good cybersecurity habits. Putting in an effort to educate and practice daily cybersecurity activities will pay dividends in the long run. We’ve compiled a list of 20 work from home security tips to help combat bad actors & educate work from home users. 1. Secure Your Home Office

The thought of securing a home office doesn’t come to mind readily for home PC security. Generally speaking a home office will be set up in a spare bedroom, an open space area that becomes a makeshift office, or sitting on a comfy couch. With that said, how are you securing your home office? For starters, we recommend designating an area strictly for work related activities. If possible, convert a spare bedroom or area into an office to help maintain a secure area.

A lock on the home office door prevents unwelcome guests from accessing the room that has workstations and other work […]

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