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Shopify helps customers build online shops, but it’s minting tech founders and investors, too

Image Credits: Thomas Trutschel (opens in a new window) / Getty Images Last month, Jean-Michel Lemieux, the chief technology officer of Shopify, and chief talent officer Brittany Forsyth announced on Twitter that they are stepping down from their roles. Chief legal officer Joe Frasca is also set to step down, with all three ending their tenures next month.

In their new chapters, all seem keen to advise, invest in, or even launch startups, joining a growing number of former Shopify executives and employees to do the same.

For a company of Shopify’s size — the 15-year-old, 7,000-person, Ottawa-based outfit boasts a $130 billion market cap — that’s not a surprise. Still, because of the wealth that Shopify has helped create, its former employees look to have an impact on the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem like no other before it.

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Meanwhile, Shopify’s focus in part on the climate and sustainability — among other things it invests $5 million per year in startups that fight climate change, and publishes annual sustainability reports — could also have positive ripple effects. Is there someone that needs a hand, pep talk, career advice? How can I help?

— Jean-Michel Lemieux (@jmwind) May 13, 2021 Take Craig Miller, for example, formerly the chief product officer, of Shopify, who left the company back in October. He’d already invested in several venture funds that are focused on clean tech and Canada while still working full time; now, he’s investing both his money and time in individual companies […]

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