Roy Gilbert

The Only Word That Truly Defines Every Company’s Culture

Forget slogans and posters. Forget mission statements . Forget culture decks .

Culture is partly what you encourage, but culture is mostly what you permit .

What you accept. What you allow. What you let people get away with.

What you, as an owner or leader, let yourself get away with.

Take, for example, the way many leaders make promotion decisions.

A 2018 survey conducted by the research and consulting firm Great Place to Work of more than 400,000 people found that when employees feel promotion decisions are managed effectively , they are more than twice as likely to give extra effort at work. In addition, when employees feel promotion decisions are managed effectively, they are more than five times as likely to feel the people making those decisions act with integrity.

As a result, at those companies employee turnover rates tend to be half that of other businesses in the same industry. Productivity, innovation, and growth metrics also tend to be higher. And at public companies, stock returns tend to be nearly three times the market average.Yep: One seemingly minor leadership aspect can create a significant major positive — or negative — impact on how a business operates.Granted, you didn’t need research to tell you that.Work for a boss who promotes his buddies and you’ll focus on managing your boss. Work for a boss who promotes based on seniority and you’ll bide your time as you wait for your turn. Productivity, quality, innovation, teamwork — all the things you say you want, and that […]