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Considerations For Going Back To The Office: Thoughts From A Startup CEO

Davis serves as CEO of Canopy , the award-winning cloud-based practice management platform servicing accounting professionals. getty As the CEO of a startup, my team and I are grappling with how our company is going to handle the question of remote versus office work in the post-pandemic world. I know we are not alone, and I’m confident that the next year or two will be a little messy as organizations experiment and figure out what model works best for their employees, teams and customers.

While there is no perfect one-size-fits-all solution, I believe there are a few considerations that leaders and managers should be weighing as they figure out what’s best for their teams.

Company DNA

The one thing I feel 100% confident about on this murky topic is that we’re never going back to the way we did things before. Millions of workers have experienced a year of remote work, and a large percentage of them really like it. Companies ignore this reality at their peril. That said, it’s also true that some people — myself included — don’t feel that a fully remote work experience is right for them. This is why I believe we’re going to see a great deal of self-sorting occur over the next few years.

Organizations will have to decide whether their DNA is 100% in-person, 100% remote or a mix of the two. Workers will have to decide the same thing, and then there will be a sorting where workers find companies that align […]

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