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The war in Afghanistan has cost $2.26 trillion, and the bill will keep rising even after last US troops leave

US soldiers recover airdropped fuel at Forward Operating Base Waza K’wah in the Paktika province of Afghanistan. US Air Forces Central Command/Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz The two-decade war has cost the US $2.26 trillion, according to researchers at Brown University.

That analysis doesn’t include the costs of lifetime care for veterans or future interest on money the US borrowed for the war.

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The nearly two-decade war in Afghanistan has cost the United States $2.26 trillion, according to a new analysis by Brown University.

But even after the last American service member leaves Afghanistan later this year, as the Biden administration has pledged, the costs will continue to rise, according to Brown’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

In its Costs of War report released Friday, the Watson Institute tallies the staggering expense of the nation’s longest war, as the Biden administration prepares to withdraw the last few thousand troops from Afghanistan no later than Sept. 11.

The analysis collected the estimated congressional appropriations for the war, including operations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.The greatest single expense — $933 billion, or 41% of the war effort’s total costs — came in the Defense Department’s Overseas Contingency Operations spending, the report states. The controversial OCO budget, which was used to pay for war efforts, was unaffected by budgetary caps imposed on the rest of the department and grew significantly over the years.But the DoD’s base budget also saw its own war-related increases, apart from the […]

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