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The Best Accessories for Your New PlayStation 5

Jess Grey


04.17.2021 09:00 AM The Best Accessories for Your New PlayStation 5

From backup controllers to full-on sound systems, here are our favorite complements to your PS5. Picking out accessories for a new PlayStation 5 is almost as tricky as buying one . That’s because of its new capabilities. The cybernetic clamshell tower of a console is packed to the gills with impressive hardware. It can run games in native 4K, hit frame rates in excess of 120 frames per second, and output video at 120 hertz for that ultra-silky-smooth look and feel.

It’s the first game console that can really take advantage of a killer home theater setup. To that end, we’ve compiled our favorite PS5 accessories, which include a few luxury picks for those of you looking to really turn your living room into a cathedral for your new PS5.

Be sure to check out our full review of the PlayStation 5 , along with a roundup of our favorite PlayStation games , and our guides on the best TVs and best soundbars if you want more home theater buying advice.

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