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Is Your Marketing Strategy Based on the Right Data?

Is Your Marketing Strategy Based on the Right Data?

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The events of spring 2020 have turned marketers’ worlds upside down. In light of an unprecedented health and economic crisis, teams scrambled to adjust their advertising messages, campaigns, and offers. They could no longer rely on previous assumptions about their customers, including what, why, and how they buy. In a matter of days, stores closed, e-commerce sales ramped up, and contact center interactions exploded. Meanwhile, media consumption changed as more people began working from home, spending more time online and watching TV, and less time interacting in person.

Rapid change is the new normal, and more than ever, marketers need to make decisions quickly that are nonetheless anchored in data. As a result, companies are pouring money into marketing analytics — last year, CMOs invested more in this category than any other, according to Gartner . Yet, even as marketers bury themselves in data, they are getting an incomplete picture of performance and their customers. Below are four approaches that marketing teams should be using more often to better orient themselves around the truth of what their customers are experiencing and which strategies are actually working. Earn the Right to Use More Data

Too often, marketers invest countless hours collecting a sea of data without a clear strategy for harnessing that data to drive decisions. That leads to mental fatigue and a […]

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