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is entrepreneurship true freedom ?

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May you help with this bothering question :

Many claim that entrepreneurship is the path to freedom compared with being a wage slave. But is it so ?

A business needs its clients to grow, you can only go so far without having to kowtow to the needs of your customers, you have to follow their requests whatever they are related to your product.

I call b*llsht if you just wait or refuse clients, it may be counter productive to ignore the people that keep your business afloat just for egotistical reasons ?

Also many state that a business owner a true entrepreneur should give up his ego ? Without a big ego what would be the reasons to make something big and earn money, just be a wage slave obeying to a boss, take your salary and that should be enough no ?

To my undesrtanding as an entrepreneur the relationship is reversed, instead of being a boss, you have to please many bosses, your clients, and you are at risk of losing your business if you reject even a few clients in some instances. You get few perks but you still have to maintain the business.The positive of this way is still being able to sell and retire if the business was a success. But a skilled and talented working employee can save up and retire also even if more difficult.Having when the business is in efficient and stable condition, the ability to reduce the working time, take some days off sometimes […]

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