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Working from home becomes the new norm for some, while state re-opens

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El Paso, TX (KTSM) — The second phase to reopen the economy begins on Monday in El Paso however, there are still many that are working from home and others looking for jobs. This leaves many to wonder what the future can hold post-COVID-19.

The Adjustment of working from home is not an easy one to make, and after three months since most of the country placed stay at home orders, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey told the company’s employees quote;

“Employees can work remotely forever, from everywhere,”.

Local small business and franchise consultant told KTSM, working remotely is doable in this day and age.

“Fifteen to twenty years ago this pandemic would have really brought everything to a halt but we have so much technology we can still use to keep in contact… your business doesn’t have to stop just because you’re at home,” said Claudia Lardizabal.

It is still unsure which businesses will require its employees to work from home post-COVID-19 pandemic.

Real estate agent Adrienne Dominguez who is familiar with working from home told KTSM the key is time management.“Time management and time organization is key to being able to get through this, I home school my son in the morning and try to knock out as much work as possible then I focus on my work tasks for the day,” Dominguez said.Lardizabal explained, those at home are not just ones who work but those without jobs.“Many are now finding themselves without a job and now they’re really thinking, what’s going to be […]

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