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Work-From-Home Might Prove Managers Are No Longer Necessary

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I gave myself my fourth quarantine haircut today—right as brabershops in my state are reopening. And, the truth is, I liked it. In fact, I realized I’m actually pretty good at it. Maybe I don’t need a barber.

What’s the point? And, what does this have to do with management? Many of us are now realizing that we can do a lot without being supervised. People are now doing things at home, and in their work, without a manager (or any so-called ‘expert’) giving them direction or looking over their shoulder. So, I’m going to be completely blunt; employees are noticing.

“I’ve never had to take part in so many meetings,” said Tony, an architectural drafter. “Before I was sent home to work, no one ever questioned what I was doing, or when I was doing it. I just got it done. Now I feel like no one trusts me.”

“My boss calls all the time,” Mandy, an insurance claims adjuster told me. “I don’t think she has anything else to do accept check in on us.”

Our recent shift to work-from-home is revealing something many companies don’t know how to handle yet—that many employees don’t actually need to be managed. They’re good at their jobs whether someone is looking over their shoulder or not. In fact, since this pandemic began, I’ve received countless inquiries from people all over the world responding to recent posts of mine about how the working world is changing —and how they’ll need to change with it.

“I’m actually […]

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