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5 Lessons To Make The Most Of Working From Home

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How to make the most of working from home. By Julie Niehoff

Even before COVID-19 hit, 4.7 million Americans worked from home . And now that number is astronomical, as many have been forced to stay home—some indefinitely, depending on their work situation.

But with this new normal, chances are good that even when COVID-19 has truly subsided, many companies will want employees working remotely to promote social distancing and their own safety.

Given that, we had better find ways to make working from home really work for us.

Following are five lessons I’ve learned that have helped me and, ideally, should make a difference for you, too.

1. Separate Work Life From Home Life

You probably already know this, inherently, but are you practicing it?It’s not just about space. If you have room for an office with a door, great. But if you don’t, you can still create space by establishing a spot where you do your work, far away from the center of your living area.Try not to fall prey to the convenience of carrying your laptop around and sitting on the bed, at the kitchen table, etc. Some of that is fine, but over time, it’ll be better for you and your family to recognize your workspace, and see it as separate from your personal life.It’s also important to set aside time for work—and time for your personal life. That can be a real challenge. Decide when you will work and allow yourself to shut it off.If you […]

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