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Cybersecurity Risks Soar as Coronavirus Pushes More People to Work from Home


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Asher de Metz of Sungard Availability Services describes the impact of COVID-19 containment protocols on cybersecurity.

As the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe and throughout the U.S., companies everywhere are hurrying to take or follow containment protocols. Chief among them is the effort to stop people from gathering together, which includes steps to immediately cancel conferences and events, and to push more workers to work from home. And while those efforts are important in containing the highly contagious disease, they also open the doors to a sharp rise in cyberattacks. Sungard AS’ Asher de Metz We asked Asher de Metz, security consulting senior manager at Sungard Availability Services, to explain this correlation between disease containment and risk spread so that MSSPs will know what to look for, advise on – and possibly lock down – to protect their clients from a new cyberattack outbreak.

Channel Futures: What are the increased security risks when people start working from home?

Asher de Metz: The main security risks occur when technology is removed from a place that it can be controlled. Taking laptops home opens up risks of physical theft, so companies need to ensure that laptops are encrypted. It also means that remote access needs to be opened up, but this access should be controlled with limited rights, and multifactor authentication should also be utilized.

The most common mistake employees make during this transition is a lack of preparedness. As such, network access is opened up […]

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