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10 Companies Offering Work from Home

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Flexi timings, work from home, remote work, or telecommute are all now a normal part of the conversation when hiring decisions are made. There was a time when flexi timings or work from home was not considered a savvy move. It meant cutting down on your work commitments, salary, and any chances to move up the ladder.

But with digitization and the wifi, the world is a connected place. Work from home is a valid option that is laid on the table while discussing any new hire. It cuts down the commute timing, allows one to give dedicated focus to work at hand, cuts down on carbon footprints by avoiding burning petrol and most importantly, allows you to keep a work-life balance. More evolved thinking, a changing social environment, a sheer need to retain talent, has forced the human resource departments to come up with this solution.

Moreover, for companies that have a global presence, hiring the best talent wherever available gives the leeway to be connected 24/7 to someone at work in some part of the globe.

The statistics prove that work from home is a popular option with working people. The number of people who work from home has increased by 140 per cent since 2005. Recent research shows that 4.3 million people in the US work from home at least.

A survey by Working Media Mother of 1000 men found that 80 per cent worked flexi time and were comfortable with it. 60 per cent were ready to go even […]

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