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Coronavirus: How to make working from home work for you

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With Covid-19 making its way around the world, remote and flexible work mechanisms have sprung up in many countries, activated by employees as well as by organisations. I happen to be an old hand at this, personally and professionally, so allow me to share some perspective.

My introduction to stepping out of a standard office was when I first started a new company. Years later, I was back in an office environment, but I had to develop a full-fledged second office for myself at home due to a particularly intense work environment that necessitated odd hours working with teams scattered everywhere. Later still, I consulted for organisations without offices in my location. Photo: Doug Belshaw, via Flickr. I have also been in a position to hire and manage lots of people who are by themselves in a different location, often as the first few people in a new office or market I am setting up, or who are thrown into a remote work situation due to circumstances around the world – everything from an office being raided over the potential illegality of a work product, to a super typhoon bearing down, to a general strike.

Here’s the good news: Working remotely or flexibly often makes people happier than a standard office set-up, saves costs on facilities, allows people to develop their own best work styles that lead to better work and less stress, and creates access to an extended diversity of talent.

Some organisations already embrace flexibility and remote work arrangements, or […]

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