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Hard worker or workaholic? Telling the difference

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Several decades ago there was a television commercial brought about by a church regarding the importance of family connection. The mother and kids packed the camper, and when they were ready to hit the road on an adventure, they tricked Dad into getting into the camper, shut and locked the door, jumped into the cab of the truck and took off down the road before Dad could escape. Mom, daughter and son chuckled at having pulled off Dad’s kidnapping.

For some, this actually took place in their families. “Lily’s” father was a workaholic. He rarely had time for family activities. If he wasn’t working he was off somewhere doing whatever he did when he wasn’t at home or at work. Her mother insisted on buying a camper so she could show her children a little about the way others live on the other side of the fence. He agreed to the camper, but balked about traveling, even if it was just a weekend at a local state park with campfires, hikes on trails, visiting with other campers. But her mother often coerced her father into a camper nursing a headache and she drove them. In a little while he became involved in the traveling, driving the truck and camper with his wife navigating with the atlas and maps they collected along the way.

Lily wonders if she is a workaholic like her father, and takes great pains watching for signs and symptoms of workaholism. She asked her husband, “Am I a […]

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