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Does Australia Have the Infrastructure to Work From Home?

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At present, the Australian government and health authorities are urging people to go about their normal lives, but with more consideration towards hygiene.

This means that employers should ensure staff members stay home if they are unwell, and that appropriate sneeze and cough etiquette are adhered to.

Sanitising shared equipment and doorknobs is also another way Australian workplaces can mitigate health risks.

While the situation in Australia is under control, it is worth bearing in mind that in a forecast of the worst-case scenario, the coronavirus outbreak could last up to 10 months.

On top of this, 40% of the workforce could be sidelined by illness or the need to care for unwell family members. If these pandemic level conditions are reached, people may be advised to work from home in order to minimise close contact with others and possible transmission.

So why should businesses get their workforce ready for remote work , now?

The US stock market dipping as coronavirus spreads is a clear indicator that business needs to go on as usual.Large companies are already offering remote working options to their employees, which will mean minimal disruption to their business.Twitter employees in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea have been told they must work from home, while other major corporations like Google and Amazon are changing the way they are doing business in China, Singapore and other affected areas.It would be wise for small and medium-sized businesses to extend remote working options to their employees as well.However, the question of Australia’s readiness for […]

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