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Work from home? Things I wish someone had told me before I started

Coronavirus: Business and technology in a pandemic

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I’ve been working from home for almost two decades. At first, I missed the camaraderie of the office, but I eventually grew to love managing my time, setting my priorities, and customizing my work environment to be optimal for my ever-changing work responsibilities. Plus, you haven’t lived until you’ve met deadlines while holding a warm puppy on your lap.

From cancelled conferences to disrupted supply chains, not a corner of the global economy is immune to the spread of COVID-19.

While broadband has been a working-from-home enabler for years, we expect to see a sudden push due to the new coronavirus. There will likely be many companies who follow Twitter’s lead and strongly encourage employees to work from home .

Over the next few weeks, ZDNet will be writing a lot about working from home. Not only does working from home become practical because of technology, but also many of our editors are long-time work-at-home folks. We’ve been down this road and have a lot of experience to share.

I’ll be back over the coming weeks with lists of products you can buy to optimize your work from home experience, whether you’re on a super-tight budget or encouraged to put whatever you need on your company’s expense account.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you a list of very much unprioritized thoughts about working from home based on my own experiences. This is just to get you started. As I said, we’ll provide more organized recommendations over the next days and […]

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